Web Design Startup 5 Pages and Integration

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Product Overview

This package gets you started with your web startup pages and then gives you the interface to take over from there.

We setup and supply:

  • Website Builder Business Plus Setup
  • Original 5 Page Layout Design and Setup
  • Interface for DIY*
  • Functionality
  • Ecommerce Add-on Setup**
  • Affiliate Program Add-on Setup**
  • Rewards Add-on Setup**
  • Live Chat Add-on Setup**
  • This covers anything you really need to get started
  • 1 hour training for using our DIY interface for keeping your site up to date

We provide the expertise and services to give your website a turbo boost.

*Hosting Fee Not Included. 24/7 Ongoing Support Included with Hosting

**Choose 2 add-ons for us to perform setup.  These services may also have a monthly fee.  This fee may vary according to the set of tools that you require.

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